FAN ONLINE: How to win the FA Cup for your team

By Filippo Bonanni Football Italiano The first goal of the FA cup final between Fulham and Tottenham was scored by an anonymous user on an online forum.

The user posted the video, which is now making the rounds online, of a goal he scored against Tottenham Hotspur on April 13.

The clip has since gone viral and is being shared by fans around the world.

The video shows a goal which was scored in a stadium in London by a fan who was sitting in the middle of the field.

The man is seen to score the first goal, which was then scored by the man sitting in front of him, before another fan came on to the pitch to join the celebrations.

The fan then scores the second goal which is then scored again by another fan.

The goal was also shared by the fan who scored the first, while the man in front scored the third goal, all while laughing.

In this video, the person who scored a goal is the man who sits in front and who is laughing.

“We’re a fan forum,” the person in the video said, who wished to remain anonymous.

The video was uploaded to a fan site called FAN (for Fan Online) in the United States on April 21 and is now being shared widely. “

Then I watched the replay and saw that the fans who were cheering were the ones in front, so I got excited and scored a second goal myself.”

The video was uploaded to a fan site called FAN (for Fan Online) in the United States on April 21 and is now being shared widely.

The player who scored that goal has not been identified.

“The video is the first one I’ve ever posted on this forum, it’s a funny, unique, and entertaining video,” the man said.

“It was actually quite fun.

I was the one who started it, but I also received a lot of praise.

It was a great moment for the club.”

The man who scored also said that he wanted to use the video to promote the club and to raise money for the hospital where the boy died.

“After the video went viral I realized that it’s quite important to have people like myself in football and that football needs a little bit of support,” the player said.

The other man in the footage, who is sitting in a similar position to the man behind the man at the stadium, also added that he was also inspired by the video.

“At the moment I’m very happy and I want to thank you for your kind words,” the video concludes.

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