Why does Clemson’s computer science logo have such a big computer?

On Friday, a Clemson University computer science student named James Sager posted an image to Twitter that has been viewed more than 10,000 times since Friday afternoon.

It shows a computer and a small tablet, and the message says “Computer Science meaning.”

The computer, it seems, is a version of the word “computron,” which means “computers.”

The tablet is a device that can simulate and interact with computers.

The message also says “This means Clemson University.”

The Clemson Computer Science Student Group, which is a group of about 80 students, had originally set up a hashtag to share the image on social media, #dancewithcomputronics.

But it quickly grew to over 30,000 tweets.

“So we took it one step further,” Sager said of the image.

“I made this image on my computer, and then we tweeted it out.

The whole thing has been pretty viral, and we’re all super excited about it.”

Sager’s tweet was a simple way to spread the word about Clemson’s Computer Science Department.

Clemson students who are interested in the field of computer science will be able to find information on the department website, and they can also find resources like a blog, the Clemson Computer Sciences Research Center, and a website called Clemson University Computer Science.

“We’re really excited that we’ve got this community out there,” Sagers said.

The Clemson University student group also put together a poster to help spread the hashtag.

“The posters are really inspiring, because they show a lot of people that Clemson has a lot going on with Computer Science,” Sages said.

It was a fun way to celebrate Clemson’s recent graduation, which was held earlier this week.

Clemson has about 15 students who attend college-level computer science.

The students will take their first class in January, and Clemson has invited students to participate in the Clemson-UCLA Cybersecurity Research Lab.

“It’s great to have a lot more students who care about computer science,” Sarge said.

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