What happens if you can’t get an online degree at NYU?

New York City’s top computer science and engineering school has a growing problem of enrolling students who don’t have an online certificate of completion, but the city is working on fixing it.

The problem is that many students can’t complete online coursework, leaving students without the experience needed to take online classes.

NYU has offered a new online certificate for those who want to study, but only those who have completed the necessary coursework are able to earn the certificate, the New York Times reported.

The NYS Department of Education and Career Development has launched a website that allows students to get a certificate of completed online courses, or COCS, and to get information about how to get them.

The department’s goal is to have all students, including those who can’t find a course at NYU, able to take the course by the end of the year.

“The students who need this certificate are the ones who have failed to complete coursework in a timely fashion,” said Edelina Sotomayor, a spokesman for the department.

“We want to be able to help these students.”

Sotomayour said NYU is working with a private company to make sure that students can complete the certificate within a reasonable amount of time, but she said the department has made efforts to make it as easy as possible.”NYU has made great strides to help students who have been unsuccessful with completing online courses,” she said.

“However, in order to address the continuing challenge of having so many students unable to complete online courses for various reasons, we have launched a new course.”

According to a report by the New School, many students have difficulty completing online course work, and a significant number of students have not been able to obtain the certificate.

The report also noted that students who do complete the coursework and take it are more likely to graduate from school than those who are unable to.

The school says the problem is particularly acute among students who are in high school, college, or the military.

Many students who enroll in online courses will be on the waitlist for courses they are not able to complete.

The New York Department of Financial Services is working to help address the shortage of students who can complete courses online, but it says that the problem can be resolved at any time.

The agency is looking at new technology to assist students who want or need help completing the online course, said the spokeswoman, Christina E. Karpinski.

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