Students at Cambridge University get a computer science degree

Cambridge University has made a commitment to provide a computer-science major to all its students.

The first computer science graduate students at the university, who have not yet been selected for the programme, will be enrolled in a course on artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020.

The degree will be based on a three-year curriculum, which is designed to enable students to develop a strong understanding of how to apply AI principles to practical problems.

“We are looking for people with a strong background in computing, computer science and artificial intelligence,” said Professor Chris Taylor, head of the Computational Biology Group at the School of Computing and Information Science at Cambridge.

“The aim is to provide students with a comprehensive foundation in these areas of science and technology.”

The programme is based on the research that is being carried out by the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Group, the Cambridge Centre for Computing and the Computing Sciences (CCCS), the Centre for the Study of Artificial Intelligence (CSAI) and the Centre of Computing Research and Engineering (CRCREE).

The first batch of students will be selected by the end of this year, and the programme will start in 2021.

“In a world of rapid technological change, and with so many challenges to overcome, we need people with the skills to lead and to create a world that is more connected and inclusive,” Professor Taylor said.

“This is a unique opportunity for students to gain a degree in the areas of computer science, artificial intelligence and AI to be able to play a pivotal role in solving challenges to the way we live and work.”

The first group of students, who will include about 50 students from the Cambridge University Computing and Computing Sciences, will begin in 2019.

“It’s a huge achievement to have a university that has such a long history in computing and computing science,” Professor Gwen Haggerty, a lecturer in the Computing and Computer Science Group at Cambridge, said.

“We hope this programme will help to give Cambridge students a strong foundation in the discipline of computing and the area of artificial intelligence, which we believe will be of value in the future.”

The Computer Science program is one of the first major computer science degrees offered at Cambridge to the wider world.

It is also one of only three such courses in the world, according to Professor Taylor.

“These are young people who are already very good computer scientists and they have a very strong interest in the field,” he said.

The Computer Sciences Department will be providing a wide range of courses for the students to choose from.

“There will be lectures on topics such as software development, data modelling, data analysis and machine learning, as well as courses in applied research in computer science,” he added.

“As the programme develops, we will look at adding other topics such a robotics, cybersecurity, and health and wellbeing.”

The course will be offered in two phases.

Phase one will be in 2019, and will cover topics such information science, information architecture, machine learning and programming, as part of the University’s Computer Science course.

Phase two will take place in 2020, and involve the students in an internship, and culminate in the students becoming part of a team.

“With so many things happening at the moment, we really want to see what this programme means for the future of computing, and that’s why we are very excited to offer this opportunity,” Professor HaggerTY said.

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