Why are you studying Computer Science?

The answer to that question is quite simple.

The University of Texas at Austin has been awarded a $1.6 billion contract by the federal government to help fund a large-scale computer science program, the largest ever awarded by the US Department of Defense.

The department announced the award in May to the university and two other schools that it had awarded to help train the next generation of computer scientists.

U.S. officials said the contract would provide $1 billion for a four-year, $2.2 billion program.

The program is designed to provide computer science students the opportunity to complete their degree within two years of graduation, and graduate with more than 40% of their courses completed.

In a letter to faculty members, U.

S Army Gen. John Kelly, commander of the U.T.C., said the program will help U.N. peacekeepers in Iraq and Afghanistan “meet critical challenges” and that the UT.

B.C. program would enable the military to recruit and retain top scientists and engineers.

Kelly said the UTA program will also help the UTM-U.T.-UTM-UTM community.

“The program is being created to help the students of UTM and UTM to take the next step in their careers, by providing them with the resources to graduate within two to three years, and gain access to highly skilled technical jobs in the global information and communications technologies industry,” Kelly said in the letter.

“This program will create thousands of high-skilled positions for students to compete in the IT industry.”

The $1-billion contract includes a $500,000 grant for the university to provide training for students who plan to attend engineering schools.

U.C.-B.I. students are also eligible for a $5,000 stipend.

UTM, a private university in Houston, plans to open a new campus in 2021.

The campus, named the Future of Learning Center, will include a new building, a large auditorium, a new library and other academic amenities.

A $500-million research and development program, called the Computer Science Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, is set to open in 2021, according to a U.F.M. report.

Earlier this year, the University of Florida announced plans to launch a $4.6-billion computer science education and research center that will support the University’s future growth.

The university said it will offer $600 million in new state and federal funding for computer science programs.

Other universities that have awarded computer science contracts include California State University, San Bernardino, and UC Santa Cruz.

According to the Computer Sciences Research Council, a nonprofit group that promotes and promotes the study of computer science and related topics, computer science is a broad field that spans computing, computer architecture, computer systems, and information systems.

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