It’s hard to find an IT job, say experts

When you think of an IT career, it might come as a shock to think that it requires you to be a software engineer.

But in the past few years, IT professionals have become more self-sufficient in their skills and in their roles.

In the past five years, the proportion of IT workers who are computer science graduates has risen by more than a third.

And the number of people who have studied computer science has increased by more that a third since 2010.

Computer science degrees are the most popular career in the UK, with more than 20,000 graduates applying for the roles.

And it is this type of education that has attracted young people to computer science.

Computer scientists are more likely to be employed in high-tech industries such as engineering, pharmaceuticals and finance, according to research from University College London.

But for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, it is difficult to find a computer science degree, according the University of Sussex.

A recent study by the National Centre for Policy Research (NCPR) found that nearly half of computer science students in the top 10 schools did not have a computer programming degree, and that in a third of students the lack of a degree was “extremely” a problem.

And many people feel that the current lack of computer skills is a barrier to a career in computer science or technology.

What is computer science?

It’s a discipline that studies how computer programs work.

Computer Science is one of the most sought-after career paths for IT professionals, with employers seeking to hire engineers and computer scientists to help them build systems.

The career path has also attracted young professionals, as the majority of graduates from IT courses in the recent past have been from disadvantaged groups.

The statistics show that in the last five years computer science education has risen dramatically.

In 2015-16, more than 30,000 students from disadvantaged background took computer science courses, with the majority taking computer science in secondary schools.

According to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), more than 50% of computer scientists in the country are from the top fifth of socioeconomic status (SES), meaning they are of working-class backgrounds.

This is a significant proportion, as a new study from NIESR suggests that the gap in computer skills in disadvantaged groups is getting wider.

What are computer scientists looking for?

Computer scientists aim to be innovative, productive, and innovative in their careers.

The National Centre of Excellence for Computer Science Education (NCEES) aims to improve the quality of computer education in schools and colleges, and to provide students with skills to prepare them for careers in technology.

The NCEES has developed a new strategy for improving computer science curricula that is tailored to the needs of disadvantaged students.

It aims to build a more integrated and inclusive curriculum for computer science with the help of specialist teachers, technology teachers and technology providers.

According the NCEPS, computer science is becoming increasingly integrated into our society, with people from all backgrounds learning computer science at home and in school.

How does computer science compare to other careers?

According to a recent study from the University College of London, computer scientists are among the most successful professionals in the world.

They have the highest retention rates, which are also high in comparison to other career paths.

And they have a higher average salary than many other occupations.

But computer scientists’ success is not just down to the quality and quantity of their work, according NIESP.

Computer scientist salaries are significantly higher than other professions in terms of overall compensation, and they also enjoy more stable earnings than other occupations, according their research.

For example, computer scientist salaries can be as high as $160,000 in the US, while other occupations average between $37,000 and $47,000.

What can you learn from computer science career?

There are many ways to study computer science to prepare you for a career as a computer scientist, said Professor Robert Wilson, co-founder of the NIESRP.

In particular, he suggests that computer scientists look to computer games, simulations, games designed specifically for students and teams of students, and other interactive courses that use video games.

“I find that there is a real emphasis on the interactive aspects of computer games and simulations, which is one thing that I would look for in a career,” he said.

He added that a lot of young people, especially those from disadvantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds may be drawn to the idea of a career that includes an interactive element to the learning.

“It’s not only the technology aspect, it’s the social aspect, which really is important to make sure you’re not pigeonholed in to just one type of experience,” he added.

What should I do if I’m looking for a job in computer technology?

According the University and College Union (UCU), a job search in computer engineering is not the best place to start.

The UCU also says that computer science skills are not the only thing employers are looking for

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