How to find your dream job in the NFL’s computer science fields

In the days since the NFL launched its new website, which now includes a page for job postings, the NFL has been inundated with offers from computer science majors who want to work in the league.

Some of the job offers include positions in engineering, operations, finance, data analytics and business development.

The NFL also recently expanded its list of jobs for computer science and computer engineering majors, allowing employers to apply for positions as early as this fall.

Here are the top 5 most-cited jobs for those interested in a career in computer science.


Software engineer, engineering: The New York Jets are the latest team to announce an open position for a computer science engineer.

The team is looking for a software engineer who can work remotely to work on a variety of technology-related projects, according to the Jets.


Computer scientist, computer engineering: A new job opening for a Computer Science Engineering (CSEO) professor at the University of Florida, according the university’s website.

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences and will be offered in a combination of summer and fall 2018.


Computer science manager, computer science: An open position at the Department of Computer Science at Georgia Tech, Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering, as well as the Georgia Tech Department of Engineering’s Center for Computer Science, has been posted on LinkedIn.

The department is looking to hire a computer scientist to lead the department’s engineering team.


Software developer, software engineering: An employee of a major software company is seeking a software developer position at a major technology company.

The job is at least four years, with an option for a five-year contract, according a job posting by an employee at the company.


Senior software developer, computer sciences: An active member of a software engineering group is seeking an active member to join their team.

This job is not available in this role.

5 of the most-used job listings for the Computer Science major fields.

1) Software engineer: A job posting at Google says that the company has an open Software Engineer position for this month.

Google has offered up an engineering position for its engineers for the past several months.

2) Software developer: The job posting for the software developer job at Google claims that the position is “currently open” for this coming week.

Google offers an engineering job, and an engineering hire is possible.

3) Data analyst, computer systems engineering: Google has posted an open job for a data analyst position.

The company says that this position is open to a “full-stack engineer” with an interest in developing high-performance and scalable data processing and analytics solutions.

Google also has a data engineering team that has developed a number of high-profile products, including its self-driving cars, Google Maps, and its YouTube.

4) Data scientist, data systems engineering (CSSE): Google has an active CSSE data scientist position available, as does Facebook.

5) Data engineer, data sciences: The company that has been posting job openings for a number different positions for CSSE has announced that they have an open Data Scientist position.

This role requires a PhD in computer systems and data science, and can be a three-year or six-year commitment, according Google.

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