Can computers learn to read?

A new field of study has begun to explore how computers learn from past experiences and learn to anticipate future situations.

Called computer-assisted learning (CAIL), it is a way to mimic human intelligence.

Researchers are developing systems to analyze and understand what a computer knows about the past and predict the future.

What does it mean for you?

Computer scientists, computer experts and business executives have been studying the potential applications of AI for more than a decade.

Here are five big takeaways from CAIL research: Machines can learn from the past.

CAIL can be used to create computer models to predict the effects of changing conditions.

Automation could allow machines to recognize the characteristics of a target, like a target’s facial features.

An AI system could predict which of the hundreds of millions of images that populate a person’s Facebook feed is from a dog.

This could be useful for finding missing persons or finding people in need.

CAIL could be used by a machine to learn to recognize people by identifying their facial features, like their eyes, nose and mouth.

The technology could also be used for training computers to recognize faces, or other objects, like people, in a scene.

Machines could also learn to perform repetitive tasks, such as reading or listening to music, in order to understand what the objects are doing and how to respond.

Computer systems could be able to recognize an image of a cat, for example, and learn that it’s a cat from its features.

And a computer system could use that knowledge to recognize a cat image, and then to classify it based on its features to make sure it’s not a human.

There are many challenges ahead, such a system has not yet been tested.

But CAIL could help companies learn from their past, and improve the way they work, says Stephen Dolan, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Even if CAIL doesn’t prove to be a boon to companies, it could have real applications.

Computer systems that can learn to adapt to a wide range of conditions are critical to making sure computers and other devices can do the jobs they were designed for.

It could be a way for businesses to build artificial intelligence into new products and services, or to predict disasters.

And it could allow companies to improve the efficiency of their operations.

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