When you think of computer science, how many of you have a bachelor’s degree?

Computer science fields have seen a huge spike in demand over the past year, and it’s led to a boom in the number of degrees that are available to people who have little or no previous experience with the subject.

But what exactly does that mean for people who may have only just started learning the subject?

The number of computer-science degrees offered by universities in the UK rose from 4.5 million in 2012 to 7.9 million in 2017, according to the UK Statistics Authority.

That is an increase of almost 12 percent over the previous five years.

However, it is not clear whether that has been a result of more people choosing to study the subject, or whether those who choose to study it are more likely to have a degree in computer science than others.

According to the BBC, the percentage of students who complete a degree has also increased from around 50 percent in the early 2000s to around 60 percent today.

The number also continues to climb, with more than 7.7 million people in the US studying computer science this year, up from 6.3 million in 2016.

Computer science is a discipline which is a mix of theoretical and practical aspects, including computer programming, network and database management, and software engineering.

While there are many degrees which can be taken in the future, many are not as well suited to the requirements of the workplace.

Some courses require advanced knowledge in computing and data analysis, while others may be more suited for people working in software development.

There is a shortage of computer scientists, who may not have a strong background in computer programming and may have been discouraged from pursuing the subject as a career option, according Tozi Ozeri, a computer science student at Sheffield University.

While he had a BA in computer engineering, he only got a job as a system administrator after the company offered him a technical position.

He has since taken up the computer science course at Sheffield, which he has taken over from the time that the company took it over, but he says it is the most important thing that he has learned since getting his degree.

“There are some courses which are very good, but it doesn’t mean you should go there and learn how to code,” he said.

“I’ve had to go through it a lot more than I did before, so it has helped me to develop a stronger skillset.”

Ozeri has found that his degree has helped him in his career and has been instrumental in getting him into the top job at a startup.

He said he has been very happy with his experience in the industry, but admits he has not yet taken the computer-sciences major on as a major, despite the hype that has surrounded it.

“People are going to see a computer-scientist as an entry level, and they are going see you as a professional, but in reality there is no real differentiation between that and a programmer,” he told the BBC.

“They’re not going to say that they are the next Steve Jobs, they are just going to think you are a professional.”

Ozers degree has taken him to Silicon Valley, where he has worked for Google and IBM.

He has also been an early investor in the company’s new Data Science division, where more than $100 million in funding has been committed.

The University of Warwick, which has been offering a degree to students for more than a decade, has said it has seen an increase in applications from the fields of mathematics and computer science over the years.

A study of more than 4,000 applications for the Warwick program in 2016 showed that of those who applied, 55 percent were men and 43 percent were women.

“The average age of applicants was just under 26, and women were far less likely than men to have applied,” said Dr. Paul Davies, vice president of university admissions.

“That means women are far more likely than any other group to get accepted, and that they would be more likely for a computer scientist to be successful.”

While Davies agrees that there is a need for more women in the field of computer sciences, he says the number is not increasing.

“In a lot of fields the women tend to come in at higher levels, and in a lot not, but there is an imbalance,” he added.

Davies also believes that there are advantages to studying computer-related subjects.

“If you are interested in programming, you will find yourself in the front of a queue to go into a job that has to do with programming, which is much more interesting than learning to write software or a computer programming language,” he explained.

“A computer science degree is one of the best ways to learn a computer, and also gives you a solid grounding in the language and the technology.

It gives you the skills you need to do what you do in the workplace.”

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