‘It’s time for a change’: RTÉ chief calls for ‘bold new direction’

Ireland’s RTÉ has made a bold new move in its bid to make the internet available to everyone in the country.

The broadcaster’s director of digital strategy has announced that the corporation will introduce a national broadband scheme that will include all the services and applications that are currently free on the internet.

In a statement, RTE’s chief digital officer, Richard O’Brien, said: “We need to build a world where every citizen can access the internet for free and at their own pace.”

We need a national digital platform that provides a platform for the internet to be accessible to everyone.

“As a global company, we need to make sure we are delivering on the promise of a free, open and secure internet.”

The Irish government’s commitment to make it easy for people to access the web has never been more important.

We need to change the way we deliver digital services.

“The move comes amid concerns about a lack of access to the internet in Ireland and across Europe.

Earlier this year, the European Commission issued a report saying that Ireland has one of the most restrictive internet access policies in Europe, with an estimated 75 percent of its citizens unable to access their favourite sites.

The RTE move follows similar efforts in other European countries, including Denmark, where a government-backed scheme called “Internet Access” is currently available to residents.

However, it will be the first time that a national scheme will be offered to the public in the entire country.

Online access to Ireland is currently free but most of the country’s population, including those living in the north, is not eligible to subscribe to the service.

The scheme will initially be offered for subscribers who have their own landline phone and who use a SIM card.

However there will also be a scheme available to those who have no landline or mobile phone.”

In recent months, RTV has been lobbying the government to introduce a nationwide broadband network. “

There is a lot of uncertainty and frustration in the digital world that has been created by the lack of an internet infrastructure, and that is why we have decided to offer an open access service to everyone.”

In recent months, RTV has been lobbying the government to introduce a nationwide broadband network.

The RTÉ CEO also said he is looking forward to the day when the company’s users can download content and access social networking sites from anywhere in the world.

“I want everyone to be able to access RTE online in the future, whether it’s a Facebook page, Instagram account or Twitter account,” Mr McEwan said.