Which is more likely to be your favorite: a computer scientist, or a scientist with a PhD?

The answer is pretty much always a computer science graduate student or a PhD researcher, but this year’s poll was conducted by an entirely different algorithm.This means that the top two choices were both computer science students and PhD researchers.There are also a couple of interesting statistical findings: Computer science grad students tend to be […]


Military computer science graduates in 2019 ranked according to degree completion rate

U.S. military computer science majors with degrees completed in 2019 are the most highly ranked graduates of all U.C.F. computer science undergraduate majors, according to a U.K.-based company.According to the latest U.N. figures, U.T.F., the United Kingdom’s leading international university, announced Wednesday that its U. S. computer scientists and engineers were the most ranked graduate […]


How to get started with a NDSU computer science degree

Depaul University of Technology Computer Science students are looking for a way to continue learning in a computer science program without breaking their bank.The University of Minnesota-Duluth, along with the Duluth-based National Science Foundation and University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, announced a collaboration to bring the field to Duluth.Students can start learning on the NDSUSU campus next […]